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Popularity is gained via the Internet.
Social Media facilitate receiving new commissions and finding new work.
It is not only fun but also a way to earn money.
  • Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing kinds of advertising.
  • The number of brands working with influencers continues to grow.
  • Influencers are more likely to be involved in fashion shows, films, TV series, mainstream advertising campaigns and more and more frequently social media accounts are looked at by prospective employers in the corporate recruitment process.
As much as 15%
of the population
has the
potential to influence others via social media.
New Media Management service has been launched with the view to develop your image on social media. We will help you to:
  • increase the number of followers and their involvement on your social media profiles
  • improve the quality of published content
  • start making money from working with brands/earn more
  • determine the development/image strategy on a new media channel
  • prepare your social media profiles for the recruitment process
  • optimise your new media profiles considering professional development
Audyt new media


A Social Media Audit is a report analising your social media activities. It highlights the flaws and areas of development and proposes viable solutions on how to improve you social media communication. It contains tips and inspiration for the further development of your channels, evaluation of the potential and indication of areas of possible development. You will find out what are you doing wrong, your strengths and what should be improved (e.g. in the context of an approaching job interview).
Trening social media


Individual consultation with a social media trainer. You can ask questions, get advice on planned social media activities, consult any pending social media work proposals or work on the contents of your profiles.
New media


Comprehensive new media image management programme, combining the experience of traditional and digital media. All levels. We create completely new social media stars and help them to achieve even better results.