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BrandBuddies Content Creators service

BrandBuddies is a powerful tool in the influencer marketing field for your brand. Thanks to us you’ll build a base of influencers for your business, promote it on their social media accounts, create a loyalty program for influencers… but also generate content!

You don’t want to pay for the reach, but you need good photos, videos and texts that you can use in your channels to engage customers, give the brand authenticity and increase sales? It is a good place for you!

With BrandBuddies Content Creators service, you can find over 10,000 authentic creators, grouped by age and interests, who are ready to create the content you desire.

What do you gain?

- You save money. The content created by Buddies can be even 75% cheaper than the one obtained by traditional way.

- You create personalised content on demand. You do not have to limit yourself to what you find in the database. Our Buddies will create a content that is 100% dedicated to your need.

- Authenticity. This is the end of boring photographs from the database used previously in 10 other advertising campaigns.

- High quality. Our Buddies actively run social media accounts and they know how to create engaging and compelling content. They’re not amateurs!

Increase sales through attractive, personalised content. Create a campaign for creators

or request a contact, we’ll help you set it up :)