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Check out travel_and_keep_fit profile on BrandBuddies.

Having been to over 60 different countries you are clearly an experienced traveller. Your blogging and Instagram feeds are both very impressive. How long have you been blogging and running an Ig account? Why did you decide to share your travels and experiences on social media?

I have been running Ig for a year now and only started blogging a couple of months ago. The reason for starting both channels was simple – I wanted to share the most beautiful moments of my life with my friends. Soon my pictures started attracting many comments and questions and more and more people started asking me for tips about travel – how to pack, what to bring with me, where to go, etc. Not just friends, the attention I got from strangers surprised me! This made me think that blogging would be a great way to communicate my thoughts to a wide audience. I just thought blogging will reach more people than replying to an individual Ig comment and so I did it. I enjoy helping people.  

You come from Poland but your blog is bilingual English and Polish. Your Ig is run entirely in English. Why is that? Most of your followers are based outside of Poland. Do you think that running social media in English is a way to go, even if you native tongue is not English? In other words, do you think it is possible to build such an impressive following in a different language?

Many of my friends live outside of Poland and most of my followers speak English as their first language. We live in day and age when most young people, be them Polish, Austrian or Hungarian, understand basic English. It just made sense to run my Ig in English to connect with the largest number of people. When you run Ig in Polish you limit your audience to Polish speakers and that harms the channel in obvious ways.

With blogging, it is different, many of my Polish followers would not read a blog which is written entirely in English which is why I will continue to write posts both in Polish and English.  All in all I don’t think it is the language that makes or breaks the success of Ig account –I it is the quality of pictures.

Who is responsible for taking and editing the pictures which appear on your Ig?

It is all my creation. I do not particularly edit the pictures I take, do not have any special app or software to do that, unless they are blurred. I sometimes ask a friend to help me out with minor edits but it is my belief that the world is so beautiful that editing would be an injustice.  

“Travel Ig account is a cliché. Most people like a good holiday snap. There is no skill in taking travel pics and posting them on Ig” Is it true? What are your thoughts on that?

Pretty landscape is a good basis for a photo but there is more work to it than that. You have to capture the history, the adventure, the message behind the picture, it must be a part of the story you want to tell. People get inspired by lifestyle, curiosity, dreams and memories travelling brings into your life. If they wanted a pretty picture, they would google it. With my pictures they life the adventure with me.

What advice would you give to people who want to run a successful travel Ig account?

Your pictures need to show that the world is inspiring, beautiful and most of all, open for you to explore. The world is a chance for you to experience something new every day. If your Ig account can capture that, you are a winner.

How long did it take you to gain your first 10,000 followers?

Six to eight months, as far as I can remember.

Which picture got the most likes?

This one:

What are your three favourite counties which you visited?

Hmhhm, difficult question! ☺ There is one county which left a mark in my heart and it is Australia ☺ That is where I feel most at home.

Thank your for time.

Kacper, Buddy Manager