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How it works?

BrandBuddies is a comprehensive marketing influencer solution for your brand. Whether your company is a big corporation or a small business, we CAN help you to effectively work with influencers.

What influencers do you find here?

1000 to 1 000 000 range

Your possibilities:

Just Looking

research of creators, tenders, new business

  • Create a free profile and start collecting your Buddies database, influencers interested in collaborating with you.
  • Discover creators, see their profiles, realisations and evaluation for other brands
  • Ask for help in searching for creators that match your brand. The query may include more than 40 different criteria such as age, sex, city, country, interests, having children, animals, business, car, sports or being a vegetarian.

Your possibilities:

Nice Date

single campaign/collaboration

  • Publish a task/commission for Buddies, the equivalent of a job advertisement for influencers/creators. Identify your requirements and describe what the creators have to do for you.
  • Wait for submissions, browse the offers and select the best ones
  • Supervise the entire campaign through the manager, communicate with creators, accept projects
  • Conclude electronic contracts with creators, get one invoice from BrandBuddies and do not worry about billing.

Examples of goals:

  • 1 000 000 reach on Instagram
  • publications on 30 small blogs
  • finding 3 big ambassadors for action (Youtubers)
  • 200 publications on micro-influencer accounts
  • finding 10 creators for the event/ad
  • recruiting employees through influencers
  • Increasing contest entries/redirections

Your possibilities:

Permanent relationship

long-term program for creators

  • Create a gamification system or TRUE INFLUENCERS program for creators.
  • Invite influencers into gamification system for your brand.
  • Build a solid relationships.
  • Generate publications every month and secure a constant reach.
  • Enter a new level of influencer marketing.

Measuring the effects of a campaign:

analysis in the service of increasing sales

We make sure your campaigns translate into your goals. That is why we are serious about measuring their effectiveness and results.

  • Exact demographic profiles of the creators - you will not shoot blindly and select only the influencers that match your target group.
  • Reports after each activation, including details on views, reach, swipe, or interaction, that will show you the creators who work best for you.
  • Measurement of post paid coverage. We measure the reach of the campaign not only during its duration, but we also estimate the results after the campaign. This will allow your campaign ROI to increase significantly (beta).
  • Analysis of return on investment in the influencer campaign (soon)
  • BUDDY SCORE - original influencers assessment system