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Trust 1 en

Verification of Buddies' accounts.

All opinion leaders (buddies) must verify their accounts to receive full access to the Platform.

Trust 2

Portfolio, statistics, ratings… And much more!

Go to the Buddy's profile and see their ratings, opinions and tokens gained for their special achievements for other Brands.

Check the user activity within the Platform and beyond it.

See all previously completed projects.

Trust 3


We care about your comfort. You can keep your budget confidential and create non-public tasks/commissions visible only to selected users.

Trust 4


Smooth cooperation between brands and buddies is our core value. We ensure both brands and buddies honour the rules of the Platform whilst keeping the cooperation friendly and light hearted. You can rely on our help with solving technical problems and dealing with potential disputes.

Trust 5

Safe transactions

We take care of your safety. Performance of services is guaranteed by the binding contract you sign with a Brand. In case of any dispute you can count on our support through the User Support Centre.

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