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Jakub Kucner

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Jakub Kucner – presenter, host, model and personal fitness trainer; runs a fast growing Instagram account where he is obsessed with the quality of his Ig pictures and – what is super rare in this trade – the quality of messages which accompanying his Ig pics. With a EEIA of around 10% his Ig account is one of the leading accounts in his range category. Jakub also runs his official account on Facebook, Snapchat and writes a blog.  

How and why did you start your social media career?

It all began with a Mister Poland 2015 competition, or to be more specific, the day when I went for the audition for the competition. I had profiles on social media before but the competition made me realise that if I am to succeed in the competition I need to embrace social media on a full time basis. I went from posting once a week to a full blown social media career.

How long did it take you to get 10,000 followers? What is the most important thing when building your following?

It all happened when I moved from my home town of Poznan to Warsaw. At this point I knew that consistent posting is key to social media success and when I put that in practice my following increased rapidly.

I think the quality of pictures and the accompanying message is all that matters for your readers. I know my audience and I know what I want to tell them with my posts, clarity of message is key. Also engaging with your readers helps a lot when building a following.  

Were there any turning points in your social media career? Any milestones?

One event which was particularly important to me was when I won a beauty pageant run by one of the TV stations.  The victory took me by surprise. The contest was judged based entirely on Ig pictures. I competed against a bunch of handsome men posting their topless pics – whilst I was fully dressed in a suit! In the end a suit and a tie swept the voters of their feet and I won! :P What it goes to show is that nudity does not always guarantee a win. After the contest I was invited to a number of breakfast shows and events. My social media following was increasing exponentially at this point!

What is the most important to you when working with a brand?

My main focus is brand placement. I care about the aesthetics of my Ig feed and any branded content I produce must fit into the aesthetics of my channel. When I get approached by the brand I agree to work with the on the basis that both the product and the way it is presented by my on my social media represent the same, high quality, as my other pictures. I do not accept all jobs coming my way and I am definitively selective in my choices to maintain the authenticity and quality of content on my channels. I promote fitness and healthy lifestyle so I would also not work for a brand that does not represent my values.

What annoys you about brands?

I haven’t had any bad experiences to date (touch wood!). Sometimes brands get too territorial and impose the type of content they want you to present. If I do not think it would work for my Ig, I try to be accommodating and suggest a different solution. After all, I know my audience and their expectations best.

Is there anything that annoys you about Instagram itself?

Everyone and their mother is on Instagram now but very few people run their accounts constistely and with care. Many accounts are not up to scratch and that is a bit annoying. Im simply put off by lack of quality.

Quality aside, as a man, it has bene more difficult for me to make it on Ig. Let’s be honest, pretty women have it easier ;) A quality bikini pic can go a long way on Ig.

Which of your Ig pics got the most likes?

Thank you for taking your time to talk to us.

Kacper, Buddy Manager