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Influencers and online creators are a target group for companies and brands. They create trends, influence the purchasing decisions and are the modern role models to millions.
  • Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising.
  • The number of brands working with influencers continues to grow.
  • Cooperation between companies and influencers brings mutual benefits.
As much as 15%
of the population
has the
potential to influence others.
We launched BrandBuddies Agency to help your company fully exploit opportunities offered by influencer marketing. Services we provide are based on our original Platform and the creators’ database. We will help you:
  • develop an influencer marketing strategy for your company,
  • develop the campaign concept,
  • create unique content involving influencers,
  • find creators who will come to your event.
Audyt new media


Do you want to work with influencers but do not have any experience in this field? Do you want your brand’s online presence to be consistent and well structured? We will prepare a dedicated influencer marketing strategy consisting of suggestions, advice and a sample plan of action exclusively for your company.
Trening social media


Do you plan a large campaign? Do you need ideas to get it started? Need someone to supervise content production? Comprehensive service? We will drive your campaign with influencers from top to bottom using our Platform and creators database.


Do you plan an event and want influencers to appear/run it? We will help you find the right ones and establish the convenient terms of cooperation. We will also recruit opinion leaders to take part in advertising, video clips, films and fashion shows.